Dallas Business Litigation Lawyers

Wood Edwards LLP is a business litigation law firm in Dallas. We offer efficiency, flexibility & extraordinary personal service.

We litigate cases in state and federal courts throughout the state. We facilitate successful business transactions. We handle complex employment cases. We arbitrate pivotal commercial matters.

If you are in need of legal representation, we encourage you to contact our firm. We will accurately and thoroughly assess your case and explain your legal rights. If the matter needs to be resolved, we will tell you. But if fighting is your best option, the firm is ready to do that as well.

Areas of Practice

Wood Edwards LLP is a group of experienced attorneys who are ready to help you navigate a varitey of complex legal practice areas which are detailed below.


We Help Resolve Business Disputes

A dispute can arise in any type of transaction. For business entities, business owners and other individuals, it is critical to handle disputes appropriately and efficiently.

Businesses of all types and sizes face business disputes at some point during their existence. These conflicts can be with another business, a customer, a lender, shareholders, or any number of different individuals or other entities. At times these disputes escalate and may require litigation to protect a company’s interests. An experienced attorney can help you through all stages of a lawsuit, from negotiating a settlement to fighting in the courtroom.

Complex business litigation claims frequently involve competing federal and state laws, administrative regulations, multiple contracts with potentially conflicting provisions, and a course of dealing between the parties which may supply contractual terms that are otherwise not explicit. Business litigation matters can also sometimes involve seeking or defending against temporary restraining orders and other injunctive relief.

We have represented our clients in lawsuits in federal and state courts all over Texas, as well as in several surrounding states. Our attorneys are experienced and ready to take the action necessary to protect the best interests of our clients, whether it is litigation or a more amicable resolution.

  • Robert is responsive, professional, and has an expertise that is unmatched. Robert got us a better deal than we could have imagined and saved our business. Could not have asked for a better outcome. Blake A. / June 17, 2013
  • I was recently sued by my previous employer, and I didn't even live in Texas anymore. I needed someone who was an expert in Texas business and noncompete law that I could trust to handle it for me. Robert was easy to work with, fought hard for my case, and even worked with me on the legal fees. We were able to get everything resolved and I am very happy with his results. While I hope I never have to deal with something like that again, it's nice to know I have someone like Robert in my corner. Luke R. / June 24, 2016
  • I would strongly recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a predicament with a former employer contact Robert. He will give you the attention you deserve, and offer no-nonsense solutions to your dilemma. Confident, assuring, knowledgeable, cut-to-the-chase, caring - all words I'd use in a description of Mr. Wood. And, by the way, very reasonable on his rates, too! Employment client / June 15, 2013
  • Attorney Robert Wood saw potential in my situation when others didn't. He is very methodical in his thinking and planning of the best direction to take. He is confident, knowledgeable, has a get-to-the-point approach. I'm glad I made the call to his office and took the time to visit with him about my situation. Wayne A. / June 17, 2013