With increased access to social media and other online platforms, a single negative review can have an enormous impact on the success or failure of a business. A business disparagement claim is similar to a defamation claim, with the difference between the claims being that a defamation claim protects the personal reputation of an injured party, while a business disparagement claim protects the economic interests of an injured party.

Business disparagement occurs when a party makes false oral or written statements disparaging a business or its goods. One of the key elements here is that the statements about the plaintiff must be false and the statements are typically intended to cause financial harm.  The types of damages recoverable for business disparagement include lost business income and punitive damages.

When a business is faced with a false statement or online review, hiring a business lawyer experienced in handling defamation and business disparagement claims is important to defend the truthful practices that are being attacked and to remedy the harm caused by the false statements.

Our lawyers are experienced in complex civil litigation, including handling claims for business disparagement and defamation.  We assist our business and business-owner clients (including licensed professionals) with reputation management and legal representation in the face of false statements that threaten their reputations and businesses.

Regardless of whether the disparagement occurred online or offline, we can assist you or your business.

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