Each stage of a lawsuit requires different skills and tactics.  Whether it is the development of strategy and the crafting of discovery required by taking a case to trial for the first time or the post-verdict actions of an appeal.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling it all.

Every case starts out by filing a lawsuit and setting the case for trial.  Whether through default judgment, motion for summary judgment, or trial, each case gets resolved.  Depending on the case, an unsuccessful party can either file a motion for new trial, an appeal, or both.  A motion for new trial gives the party another shot at presenting evidence.  An appeal provides for a review of the trial courts ruling.

By handling every stage of a lawsuit, our attorneys are able to most efficiently handle a client’s case.  We are also better equipped to take the steps necessary during trial to set a case up for a successful appeal.

Whether you need to take your case to trial or believe you need to appeal a decision, call us today.