In many ways, the success of your business depends upon the quality of your contracts. Solid contracts bring peace of mind; shoddy and ambiguous contracts can increase your risks and bring other trouble.

Sometimes, a contract is created to frame a new opportunity or create a new relationship; other times, existing contracts must be reviewed to make sure they are still relevant and airtight. Both new and existing contracts may need to be discussed and negotiated at length with the other party or parties to make sure everyone can come to an agreement. A good business transactions attorney can help on all these counts.

At Wood Edwards LLP, we assist clients with the drafting and negotiation of contracts, as well as the resolution of contract-related disputes. We serve clients throughout Texas and across the country, keeping a strong focus on business. Our attorneys can assist you with regard to:

  • The purchase and sale of a business
  • Commercial real estate transactions involving the buying, selling, financing or leasing of property
  • Partnership agreements
  • Litigation or arbitration involving alleged breach of contract

Every situation is different. We welcome the chance to work with you.

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