The intellectual property and trademarks of a business can be highly valuable.  When creating trademarks and service marks, a business should consider many factors, including the mark’s uniqueness, colors and words.

While there is no requirement that a trademark be registered in order to be protected, registering a trademark can provide significant advantages, such as the presumption of exclusive rights, constructive notice to others of a trademark, the right to use the federal registration symbol ®, and the right to recover attorneys’ fees and statutory damages in some infringement actions.

Protecting Your Trademarks

Trademark litigation can be used as both a shield and a sword. Companies file lawsuits against infringers to protect the intellectual property they work hard and spend significant sums to create.  Our attorneys can not only advise you regarding the creation of and help with the registration of your business trademarks, we can also help prosecute infringements by others.

If you need help honing your trademark, registering it with the state or federal government, or stopping someone else from using your trademark, call us today.