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Wrongful Termination Claims in Texas

wrongful termination dallas Generally speaking, Texas is an employment-at-will state. This means that employers can fire employees at any time for any reason unless the employee has an employment contract.

However, it is against federal and state law for an employer to fire an employee for certain reasons such as discrimination.

At Wood Edwards LLP, we represent employers against claims of wrongful termination.

We only represent employers in Texas wrongful termination matters

Please note: Wood Edwards LLP exclusively represents employers (defendants). We do not represent employees (plaintiffs). If you’re an employer who needs legal defense because an employee is pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit, we invite you to contact us to discuss your situation.

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What is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is firing an employee for an illegal reason such as:

What Does a Wrongful Termination Defense Lawyer Do?

Many workplaces have a problem employee—the one who causes clients to flee or whose performance is consistently poor. Chances are, this employee will also complain that their termination was illegal, alleging either discrimination or a violation of their employment contract.

At Wood Edwards LLP, we can help you defend against a wrongful termination claim by doing the following.

Build a Case for Why the Termination was Lawful

Ideally, you fully documented the reasons why you terminated the employee, including poor performance and any violation of company rules. We can help you pull together evidence, such as:

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses do not have adequate policies in place for documenting termination, so we can help you reconstruct an evidentiary record that supports the decision. For example, we can interview coworkers, supervisors, and even customers to build a case that the employee’s performance was poor.

Help Prove You Did Not Discriminate

Discrimination suits are difficult to defend against. They can generate negative coverage for the company and might even inspire other employees to claim discrimination. To prevent a discrimination lawsuit, you will need a lawyer who can:

Preserve Evidence

After an employee files a lawsuit, your company will probably receive an order to preserve all evidence that relates to the claim. This means your company and employees cannot delete relevant emails, destroy records, etc. Even inadvertent destruction can land the company in hot water. To discharge your obligations, you need legal counsel who can establish the proper controls for evidence preservation.

Safeguard Confidentiality and Trade Secrets

Any litigation threatens to expose for public consumption information about your company that is confidential and valuable. Without a lawyer, you might mistakenly submit sensitive information to a court, which makes it public. Your wrongful termination defense lawyers can carefully screen confidential information and make sure anything sensitive is submitted to the court under protective seal.

Help Negotiate a Severance Agreement

Many wrongful termination disputes end with the employee accepting a severance agreement in exchange for releasing their claim against your company. Negotiating effectively requires legal counsel, who can assess relative risks and aggressively keep down the costs of severance. If effective, a severance agreement can make a troublesome employee go away for good

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