Probate & Estate Litigation Lawyers in Dallas

A probate dispute is a serious issue. Beyond the critically important financial matters, probate disputes always have the potential to lead to serious interpersonal conflict between close friends and family members.

In probate cases, you need to be able to protect your relationships and your financial interests.

If you and your family are currently involved in any type of probate or estate dispute, it is crucial that you consult with an experienced estate litigation attorney.

Not only do you need to seek an efficient strategy for the process, but you also must be sure that you protect your individual rights to your fair share of the inheritance.

At Lindquist Wood Edwards LLP, our Dallas probate litigation lawyers are proud to be strong advocates for our clients. We offer a full array of probate and estate litigation services to individuals and families throughout North Texas.

Our Dallas estate litigation lawyers represent beneficiaries, heirs, conservators, and guardians. If you are involved in probate or estate litigation in Texas, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm for fully confidential legal guidance.

How Does Probate Work in Texas?

In Texas, a person’s ‘estate’ is made up of all of their assets and liabilities. This includes money, real estate holdings, retirement account assets, stocks and bonds, other property, their debts, and much more. Probate is simply the process by which a court will confirm the legitimacy of a person’s will and will then authorize the administration of their estate. Under Texas law, there are several different steps that are required before a will can get through probate and an estate can be administered:

  1. The will must be proven to be valid;
  2. All relevant property and debts must be identified;
  3. Assets and liabilities must be appraised; and
  4. All remaining outstanding debts and tax obligations must be satisfied.

In cases where everything goes smoothly, the property covered by the will can then be distributed to the appropriate parties in accordance with the instructions included within the document.

If your loved ones will is going through probate in Texas, that does not necessarily mean that you will need to hire an estate litigation attorney. In some cases, probate can be handled in a relatively simple manner. This is especially true with small estates where there is no conflict. That being said, if any type of dispute arises, it is imperative that you seek immediate legal assistance. You should never go through probate litigation without hiring a qualified estate planning attorney.

How a Dallas Probate Litigation Lawyer Can Help

At Lindquist Wood Edwards LLP, our Dallas estate litigation attorneys are proud to offer a full range of probate services. No matter the specific issues that you and your family are currently facing, our probate litigators have the skills, legal knowledge, and tenacity to protect your best interests. We handle all types of probate litigation cases, including:

We always offer our clients personalized legal service, making sure that we fully understand their specific situation, including their goals and desires.

Probate Litigation: Guardianships

Our Dallas probate lawyers also represent clients in probate court regarding matters related to guardianships. A guardianship is a legal authority that gives a person the power to make decisions for another individual. Most often, guardianships involve minors. Though, certainly, a guardianship may also be needed to protect the well-being of an adult who is not able to care for themselves, either due to age, health status, disability, or any other reason. In some cases, disputes will arise over issues of guardianships during probate. We handle guardianship cases involving questions such as:

Guardianship litigation is sensitive and highly complex. Our Texas probate lawyers have the skills and compassion required to provide the best legal service in these cases.

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