Dallas Real Estate Litigation Attorney

The attorneys at Wood Edwards are ready to advocate for you when your property rights are violated.

Real estate issues that we handle include the following:

Clouds on title 

A cloud on title arises when a document is recorded with the county clerk that claims an interest in your property.  This can be in the form of a forged deed or an improper lien.  A cloud on the title to your property will prevent you from selling it or from refinancing it.  Many times, a lawsuit is required to clear your title and restore your property rights.   Wood Edwards assists property owners with title lawsuits. 

Commercial evictions 

If you have a tenant in default under your commercial lease who refuses to move out, you need an attorney who can assist you through the eviction process.  Woods Edwards stands ready to review your lease, advise you of your options, issue a notice to vacate, and represent you both at trial and on appeal.

Commercial real estate fraud 

The purchase of commercial property typically represents a substantial investment based on months of due diligence.   When a serious property condition is intentionally undisclosed, the financial impact can be devastating.  The attorneys at Wood Edwards represent victims of commercial real estate fraud.

Multi-owner HOA litigation  

In Texas, HOAs can govern commercial property, condominiums, neighborhood subdivisions and townhome developments.  When well-run, an HOA can help prevent nuisances, eyesores and other conditions that negatively affect the community.   HOAs can also abuse their authority through arbitrary enforcement of HOA rules or improper assessment of fines. 

In other situations, HOAs can violate their own governing documents through improper expenditures and failure to maintain proper records.  Wood Edwards represents groups of property owners fighting for HOA accountability.

Wood Edwards LLP is a boutique law firm based in Dallas.  Our attorneys understand the importance of preserving your property rights.  Contact our office for a consultation today.