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It is an unfortunate reality, but inheritance is not always transferred in a smooth manner. Even with careful planning and a well-developed estate plan, disputes still sometimes arise.

Will Dispute Lawyers In some cases, the implications of the will may not be clear to all parties involved. In other cases, there may be questions about whether the will is actually valid, or there may even be two competing wills that need to be resolved.

You and your family members may need to contest a will in probate court. Alternatively, you may be required to defend a will against an aggressive challenge.

At Lindquist Wood Edwards LLP, our Dallas will contest lawyers handle both will challenges and will defenses.

If you or a family member is currently locked in any type of dispute over a will or inheritance, our legal team can help. To get immediate legal assistance, please contact our Texas will dispute lawyers today.

What is a Will Contest?

In the most simple terms, a will contest is a legal challenge to the validity of a will. To succeed, the party contesting the will must be able to prove that the will does not reflect the true last wishes of the departed, or that the will is otherwise invalid or illegitimate.

Will contests are highly technical in nature. A formal objection must be made against the will in the proper court and at the appropriate time. Whether you are considering a challenge of a will or defending a will against a challenge, you should hire a qualified Dallas inheritance lawyer.

Who Can Challenge a Will in Texas?

In theory, a will contest can be filed by anyone who has a valid legal claim. Though, in practice, this does not mean that every person has the right to challenge every will.

As our Texas will contest lawyers explain to potential clients, you must have valid legal standing to be eligible to challenge a will. To have standing to challenge a will in Dallas, you must be able to prove that you would be harmed if the will is accepted as valid.

If you are not at risk of harm, you do not have standing.

What are the Grounds to Challenge a Will?

Beyond establishing standing, a litigant must also be able to prove that they have grounds to declare the will invalid. Showing up and claiming that the will as drafted does not reflect the true last wishes of the deceased is insufficient.

Our Dallas inheritance attorneys understand the legal grounds by which a will can be successfully challenged. We have contested and defended wills on these grounds. The most common grounds to challenge a will in Texas include:

When Should I Hire a Dallas Will Dispute Lawyer?

You only have a limited amount of time to contest a will. In Texas, the statute of limitations for contesting a will varies depending on the specific circumstances of the claim.

Those looking to contest a will or defend a will from a challenge should consult with a nearby inheritance lawyer as soon as the dispute arises. The sooner you get a legal advocate by your side, the better your ultimate chances for success.

When hiring a Texas will dispute attorney, it is important to select skilled litigators and persons with a detailed understanding of the substantive law.

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